A Half or Partial Wrap still offers the option of a customized unique design and valuable advertising benefits of a full wrap. Although the advertising space might be smaller, the most important elements are still there. A Half or Partial Wrap typically covers between 25% and 75% of the vehicle. When efficiently designed it makes a powerful and memorable impression.
We still work exclusively with High Performance Materials such as the Popular 180CV3 from 3M in all of our Half Wraps and Partial Wraps Applications but as you can imagine less material is needed and installations are performed faster. These saving on material and time make Half Wraps and Partial Wraps more cost-efficient compared to full wraps.
If a Half or Partial Wraps is the solution for you to promote your business in Houston, San Antonio, Austin or Dallas, give us a call at 713.526.2828. We will be more than happy to help you achieve your marketing goals while still on a budget. Get the attention you want… Get Noticed! | Get Results!
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