Floor graphics are a greta way to get people’s attention all the way from directional to advertising purposes. The industry for this kind of advertising has gain so much interest that now days floor graphics can be applied to almost any surface, from carpet, smooth floors even rough pavement. They are commonly seen in trade shows, museums, malls, ports venues, dealerships, and even retail stores.
Floor graphics have the advantage to captures people’s attention to the surface or area they are already looking. Psychology professor Dr. Joseph King from Radford University says that we are programmed by nature to pay attention to the ground and that looking downward narrows our attention. This said, we can take advantage of the floor, and paste our message down where humans are already looking, no need to go high, or walls in places where is complicated to access to those surfaces.
It is good to have more options, but more important is to know how to use them. Floors are a great way to get to people. Images can be real or imaginary, to the point that floor graphics can give us the sensation we could be waling on water or in the sky. It is interesting to play with the mind, and get the message necessary to the target we need to get.